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Wed Apr 25 21:09:00 UTC 2001

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David L. Nicol <david at> wrote:
| innxmit does not appear to honor the bindaddress setting
| in inn.conf.
| Advice? For now we are diabling the second interface.

  Since that doesn't really apply, it's not surprising. You can always
put a hack in innxmit, but unless you send to random IPs, it's usually
done by just setting a route to a given machine via a given interface.
Your OS may not aloow that, but if it doesn't cause other problems check
the 'route' man page to see if it doesn't have a device specifier to
allow all packets to {IP} through one NIC.

  Yes, it's not what you always wanted, but it makes better use of the
hardware than disabling the interface!

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