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Wed Apr 25 21:16:15 UTC 2001

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| Yes, I fully intend to modify some parts of INN at some point to be able
| to use multilog if one so chooses (it's a bit tricky in some places,
| particularly with nnrpd, to do it right, but I think it's possible)
| because I already use multilog for almost everything else I run except
| INN and because syslogd is taking up a noticeable chunk of CPU time on my
| servers.

  I assume you have done whatever BSD likes to buffer news.notice.

| However, it doesn't entirely fit what innreport wants to do, since
| innreport checks messages from a bunch of different programs.  With
| multilog, you really can't send more than one program's messages to a
| given log file, which makes this a lot more complicated.  And there's
| really no good, non-ugly way of taking care of programs like innxmit that
| are invoked from cron or by hand.

  Syslog is versatile, and allows remote logging (useful in large
configs) and dropping things to users or through a fifo to a program to
do things like pagers or email. So there are other reasons for using it
in addition to not having yet another thing to maintain.

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