Setting up readers conf

Lisa Ungar lungar at
Fri Apr 27 17:08:04 UTC 2001


I have question and I want to do something similar to what Hawk wants to do
in an earlier append

Unfortunately,  I can't use ip addresses or hostnames because of how we are
setup in our environment.

Can something like this happens, where only a few people need to login,
while the rest of the people don't have to login and can access specific
newsgroups directly?

For instance, the group that needs to login would be the administrators

auth "all" {
>   hosts: "*"
>   auth: "ckpasswd -f /path/to/my/passwd"
>   }

access "nologin" {
        newsgroups: *,!*.readme, !*.rules
         post "*,!discuss.readme,!discuss.rules"

access "admin" {
      users: "lungar@*,jane@*"
      newsgroups:" *"
     perlfilter:      false

The passwords are going to be on the news server, so do I need the
"ckpasswd -s" option.

Do I need the ident feature?  How do I tell the few people in admini to
send authinfo to the news server, so they can  authenicate later?

I am currently not running SSL on the news server

A question about ctlinnd, I see that there are options for removing groups
and adding new groups, how does one go about changing the group name?

Thanks for your help,


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