423 Bad article number

Lisa Ungar lungar at us.ibm.com
Wed Aug 1 15:39:52 UTC 2001


I have started to see this error message for articles that are already in
the spool directory using the tradspool method.

Since I am running version 2.3.0, so I should have the fix mentioned
earlier in inn-workers


My question could the error message be because I have corrupted the
overview directory, during the last rebuild.

Basically, I had to do renames for some of the newgroups on our server.

Here are the steps that I did for the renaming of groups

Removed the groups that were going to be renamed via ctlinnd rmgroup

Run the
 perl -pi -e 's/^(Newsgroups|Followup-To|Xref)(: .*)A(.*)$/\1\2B\3/' *      
 mentioned in this URL:                                                     

move the articles to the new directory.

Add the new groups name using ctlinnd newgroup command

shutdown inn using ctlinnd shutdown command

Basically, article posts were still going on, until I shutdown inn.

I removed the files in the overview direcotry rm -r

run the makehistory -O -x command

When this completed, I brought up innd using  inndstart command

Ran ctlinnd renumber command on the new groups (renamed only)

I did notice the following did appear in the news.err log multiple times

makehistory: tradspool" can't determine class       Bad article handle.

However, I did check one of the entries listed in news.err and was able to
display the article without any problems using the sm command.  I also
tried it, via article numbers and did not get the 423 error message.

Basically, I removed the overview files again and reran makehistory  again
using just the -O option

then I did makedbz -i to rebuild the history databases.

Those articles are still giving me the 423 message.

Do I need to do something with the active file?

I had someone test and try to subscribe and unsubscribe and they were able
to see the articles, which is confusing to me and I need to check with
another person,, since when I do the telnet  nntp and try to get the
article using the article command, the newserver generates a 423

I don't know if it helps, but the first  article number in the list was a
cancelled article, but the others are not.  Basically, it is ignoring seven
articles within a newsgroup  Articles before those and after those articles
are recognized by the news server.

Thanks for you help,


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