Proper channel newsfeeds usage.

Russ Allbery rra at
Sun Aug 5 00:18:03 UTC 2001

gabriel rosenkoetter <gr at> writes:

> I'm trying to get a channel newsfeed to receive some piece of
> information that I can use to get the actual body of the posted
> message. I *seemed* that adding the Wn flag to the newsfeed definition
> would get me what I wanted, presuming I was using tradspool for my
> storage method (I am). In fact, newsfeeds(5) even goes so far as to show
> an example:

>   nntpfunnel1:!*\
>      :Tc,Wmn*:<PREFIX specified with --prefix at configure>/bin/nntpfanout

> Which it claims will get something like this on stdin:

>   <124 at> ne/general/1003

Yeah, the newsfeeds manual page wasn't updated for some of the changes to
INN brought about by the storage API.  There's a better man page in
CURRENT that will be in INN 2.4.

     W items
         For a file, channel, or exploder feed, this flag controls what
         information will be sent to this site.  For a program feed, only the
         asterisk ("*") has any effect.  items should be chosen from the
         following set:
         n  The storage API token of the article.

> My script, which is just dumping what it receives on stdin to a log
> file, is instead receiving something more like this:

>   @0500000000080000000C0000000000000000@

> What gives? What is that token meant to express?

It's a storage API token, from which you can get the article, but you need
to use an external program to do so.  Try:

    sm @0500000000080000000C0000000000000000@

and that should spit out the article.  The advantage of this method is
that those storage API tokens are opaque to all parts of INN except for
the storage manager and therefore will correctly handle CNFS and other
storage backends that don't have a one article per file model.

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