Proper use of channel newsfeeds.

gabriel rosenkoetter gr at
Tue Aug 7 03:02:33 UTC 2001

First off, Ron, thanks for the extra (private) response in case I
really wasn't seeing list email. It just seems that the route
between whichever MX was dealing that day and was a bit sluggish for a day or two (about two
hours sluggish, fwiw). I did eventually see everything come through.

On Thu, Aug 02, 2001 at 04:30:08PM -0400, Ron Jarrell wrote:
> The other methods use storage manager tokens, since they don't *have* 
> filenames.  Filenames make no real sense in timecaf, timehas,
> or cnfs, because multiple articles are in one file.  Instead you get a token,
> which the storage manager can translate to a particular location and offset
> in a file, for whatever needs to read it.
> sm is a command line interface to the storage manager, which, when
> called with just the token, cats out the article.

On Sat, Aug 04, 2001 at 05:18:03PM -0700, Russ Allbery wrote:
> It's a storage API token, from which you can get the article, but you need
> to use an external program to do so.  Try:
>     sm @0500000000080000000C0000000000000000@

So now I've got something like this in Perl:

  open(FOO, "sm $ARGV[0] |");
  while (<FOO>) {

... which works quite well. Thanks!

(I can't quite decide if this leads to more, less, or the same
overhead than having a filename I could open() would... I'm pretty
sure the impact is pretty minimal, if at all. And if I were all
that concerned about performance, I guess I wouldn't be using Perl
anyhow. ;^>)

On Sat, Aug 04, 2001 at 05:18:03PM -0700, Russ Allbery wrote:
> Yeah, the newsfeeds manual page wasn't updated for some of the changes to
> INN brought about by the storage API.  There's a better man page in
> CURRENT that will be in INN 2.4.
>      W items
>          For a file, channel, or exploder feed, this flag controls what
>          information will be sent to this site.  For a program feed, only the
>          asterisk ("*") has any effect.  items should be chosen from the
>          following set:
> [...]
>          n  The storage API token of the article.

Cool. Good to know the documentation has been updated. It'd be nice
if newsfeeds(5) also listed sm(8) in its SEE ALSO section, and
maybe referred to it in a meaningful way in the body somehwere.

The "storage token" term is a bit opaque when first coming to all
this (when, I find, I actually read *paragraphs* in man pages, as
opposed to just checking flags in the man pages of software with
which I'm familiar). Or maybe I just didn't read the documentation
in the appropriate order. ;^>

       ~ g r @

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