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bill davidsen davidsen at tmr.com
Tue Aug 7 05:07:12 UTC 2001

In article <72vgl2lf3n.fsf at nd1.eng.demon.net>,
Alex Kiernan  <alexk at demon.net> wrote:

| - there are some user visible changes, principally makehistory now
| generates the dbz files (again), hence supports the -s option,
| grephistory loses the -h (hash a messageid) and -t (print offset into
| history file) options, also inn.conf acquires a hismethod parameter
| (which can only be hisv6 right now).

As long as we can rebuild dbz without rebuilding history. Which is sort
of why makedbz was pulled out in the first place, to be structured and
have the accumulation of history data separate from the indexing.

Yes, I know this is a late reply, I was kind of waiting until I got
some time to think about it.

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