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Wed Aug 8 10:16:55 UTC 2001

Good Morning,

i am having a strange problem with a customer using
a novell news proxy. although he is in a group listed
in readers.conf, he is not allowed to read any news. 

my logs show that the correct auth strategy matched. so far, so bad, but now 
the really strange stuff: if i telnet to to port 119 of the novell 
news-proxy i end up on my newsserver. its says hello and tells me that 
posting is allowed.
if i enter "mode", i get "reader". if i enter "listgroup de.alt.test",
i get "502 Accesss restriction or permission denied".
after that i entered "post" and just gave it a ".". the server told me
that there were only headers and that the post failed. however, when
i do a "listgroup de.alt.test" again after that, i get the list of articles. 

any idea whats going on here ? another hint might be that the logs shows
two differnt auth matches, one for the customer and one for the server
itself. i am running INN 2.3.2. so you need anymore logs, config, etc? 
please let me know. thanx in advance, 


Philipp Steinkrüger 

Oberberg Online
Tel.: +49 2261 814240
Fax: +49 2261 814919
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