articles not visible to readers

philipp at philipp at
Thu Aug 9 10:56:27 UTC 2001


i am having a problem with my INN 2.3.2 Newsserver. Articles are
recieved fine (around 200000 per day, which is as usal) there are
no error messages in the log files, but nnrp clients cannnot see the new
even if i post locally the message is not displayed in the group, but its 
devilverd to world... 

any idea whats going on here ? is there a way i can trace a locally posted 
message to see where it fails ? do you think its a storage
question ? 

some facts about the system:
inn 2.3.2
storage method cnfs

is there anything else that i need to supply ? please help me out, i
installed INN again from scratch (removing my history files, removing my 
overviews) but it didnt help. 

thanks in advance,

steinkrueger at

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