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Thu Aug 16 19:53:24 UTC 2001

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| On Fri, 17 Aug 2001, madog wrote:
| > i want to keep posts for 30 days only, but don't know how to do that
| You want expire.ctl -- assuming groupbaseexpiry (in inn.conf) is true,
| which I'm guessing it is for your server, you want something like
|   *:A:1:30:never
| which will have most posts last for 30 days, but allow users to specify
| (using the Expires: header when they post an article) a different length
| of time.  If you want articles to last for 30 days even if the Expires:
| header says something else, you want
|   *:A:30:30:30
| (the middle number is the generally-used one, the first and third numbers
| specify the region in which Expires: is honored).

ok, i got it ! thanks !!!

btw, there is one line above it which is

do i need to change this "10" to "30" too ?

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