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pwitting at Cyveillance.com pwitting at Cyveillance.com
Fri Aug 17 20:10:47 UTC 2001

>ok, here comes another question ( i have lots of question, it's 4:00am
>but i am glad to know some one who can and are willing to teach me )

>method timehash {
>        newsgroups: *
>        class: 0
>        size: 2,64000
>above is from my storage.conf, where can i get information of "class"
>i mean what is class 0, what is class 1, ... ?
>i have not found any infor yet , so i use this class 0 as default, and it
>works for now

The statement above defines class 0; which will receive all articles for any
newsgroup between 2 bytes and 64,000 bytes. Note that this leaves no where
for articles 64,001 bytes and above to go, so they get dumped in the bit
bucket (and logged, so be sure that's the maxartsize)

Our own:

method timehash {
        newsgroups: *
        class: 0
        size: 0,204800

method timehash {
        newsgroups: *
        class: 1
        size: 204801,0

defines two classes (over 200k files and under 200k files) Two reasons to
define classes: You can expire based on classes, and each class gets its own
directory structure, so you can balance disk I/O <pathart/time-nn>

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