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Tue Aug 28 19:19:45 UTC 2001

I'm getting frustrated now.

I have two Linux Inn 2.3.1 servers

Hardware varies, but software is:

RH 7.1
Inn 2.3.1 as shipped by RedHat

I've reviewed the config files and modified everything I needed to (I
thought) Using Timehash & BuffIndexed.

	method timehash {
        newsgroups: *
        size: 0,204800
        class: 0
	method timehash {
        newsgroups: *
        class: 1
        size: 204801,0

cat expire.ctl | grep -v \#

tail -n 16 inn.conf
	pathbin:                /usr/bin
	pathcontrol:            /usr/bin/control
	pathdb:                 /var/spool/news/db
	pathetc:                /etc/news
	pathfilter:             /usr/bin/filter
	pathhttp:               /var/local/news
	pathincoming:           /var/spool/news/incoming
	pathlog:                /var/log/news
	pathoutgoing:           /var/spool/news/outgoing
	pathoverview:           /var/spool/news/overview
	pathrun:                /var/run/news
	pathspool:              /var/spool/news
	pathtmp:                /var/spool/news/tmp

Which all seems to be set up correctly; but when news.daily runs:

expire begin Mon Aug 27 04:02:40 EDT 2001: (-v1 -z/var/log/news/expire.rm)
    Class definition 1 is missing from control file, assuming never
    Class definition 0 is missing from control file, assuming never

The obvious answer is that expire is looking in the wrong directory for
expire.ctl. So I modified news.daily and set EXPIRECTL= to
EXPIRECTL=/etc/news/expire.ctl and got:

expire begin Tue Aug 28 04:03:25 EDT 2001: (-v1 -z/var/log/news/expire.rm
    Article lines processed   779285
    Articles retained              0
    Entries expired           779285
    Articles dropped          779285
    Old entries dropped       171605
    Old entries retained           0

Yes, it tries to nuke EVERYTHING! But fails.

I have a file /var/log/news/expire.list that contains thousands of enties
like this:


So it appears several things are going wrong:

	1) news.daily is not picking up the paths such as
"/etc/news/expire.clt" as it is supposed to
	2) The space in news.daily between the -z flag and the expire list
is MIA, causing expire to use a default.
	3) Expire matches EVERYTHING to its rules.

Manually editing news.daily does not seem like proper procedure, but I'm not
sure how these variables are supposed to be set.

So, what am I/Red Hat doing wrong?

Paul Witting
Cyveillance - Minding your buisness on the internet

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