Using INN on a leaf site

Chang-Cheng (Eric) Chao chang_chao at
Wed Aug 29 15:03:44 UTC 2001

Hi, I installed INN and had succesfully set it up as a local news server but
how do I get news feeds from my ISP's news server? I heard from someone that
INN does not support that feature and is intended for peer to peer feeds
only. I want to confirm this. Also, there won't be a lot of posting from my
site, just occasionally. Can INN provide all these features?

Right now, I switched over to Leafnode to grab news from my ISP's news
server but it's performance is not very good so I still want to use INN if

PS: I also tried suck/suckmt, NewsX but currently I don't think they are
totally compatible with the latest version of INN. If you have any
information the performance of these programs, suck/suckmt and NewsX, please
tell me so I know where I should put my effort in making it work with the
latest INN.



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