Problem with inn-STABLE-20010828

Kenichi Okada okada at
Wed Aug 29 15:36:48 UTC 2001


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The Doctor <doctor at> wrote:

> Is inn 2.3.3 prerelease OpenSSL Engine 0.9.6b or OpenSSL 0.9.6b friendly?
> I installed it yesterday on a BSD/OS 4.2 box and am geting the following:

> ./configure --prefix=/var/news --libexecdir=/var/news/libexec --datadir=/usr/share --sysconfdir=/var/news/etc --localstatedir=/var --infodir=/usr/share/info --mandir=/usr/share/man --with-db-dir=/var/news/etc --with-run-dir=/var/news/run --with-etc-dir=/var/news/etc --with-spool-dir=/var/news/spool --with-log-dir=/var/log/news --with-news-user=bin --with-news-group=news --with-low-memory--with-openssl=/usr/contrib --with-berkeleydb=/usr/contrib --with-sendmail=/usr/sbin/sendmail
>$ ../config*
> loading cache ./config.cache
> checking if OpenSSL is desired... yes
> checking for OpenSSL location... /usr/contrib
> checking for RSAPublicEncrypt in -lrsaref... no
> checking for BIO_new in -lcrypto... yes
> checking for SSL_library_init in -lssl... no
> configure: error: Can not find OpenSSL

Did you install OpenSSL?
Do you have libssl.a on /usr/contrib/lib?
Please show me config.log.

Kenichi Okada
mailto:okada at

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