bad_auth error

Bill Tangren bjt at
Wed Aug 29 19:31:33 UTC 2001

I am trying to set up inn 2.3.2 to be a strictly local newsfeed. I don't 
have access to outside feeds (though I wish I did!). I only want to set up 
my Redhat Linux 7.0 box for newsgroups I create on this box, and I only 
want users behind our firewall to be able to access it. I have this in my 

auth "localhost" {
   hosts: "localhost,, stdin"
   default: <localhost>"

access "localhost" {
   users: "<localhost>"
   newsgroups: "*"
   access: RPA

auth "lan-wide" {
   hosts: ""
   default: "<local>@"
   default-domain: ""

When accessing this box from, I get a login prompt, but login is 
never successful. The log/news.notice file states 

[time] nnrpd [26473] connect
[time] nnrpd [26473] bad_auth
[time] nnrpd [26473] times user 0.000 system 0.020 elapsed 0.027

The result is that I cannot log in and see or post messages. What am I 
doing wrong? I am *not* using innfeed. 

Bill Tangren

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