bad_auth error

Bill Tangren bjt at
Wed Aug 29 21:23:17 UTC 2001

> On Wed, 29 Aug 2001, Bill Tangren wrote:
> > I tried both. No luck. There is no where (that I know) that I specify
> > _how_ inn should verify a valid user. Should I do so somewhere?
> Umm, you put auth or resolv lines in your auth blocks.  It's discussed in
> readers.conf(5).
> I believe what you were doing does IP-only access, which sounded like what
> you want.
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> Jeffrey M. Vinocur
> jeff at

In the readers.conf man page, two lines in the auth blocks are mentioned:

auth: <auth-program>
res: <res-program>

I currently have:

auth "lan-wide" {
   hosts: ""
   default: "<local>@"
   default-domain: ""
 and I don't have those two lines included. Should I include them, and what should I use 
for <auth-program> and <res-program>. I compiled inn "--with-openssl". However, I don't 
know what these two parameters should be, and the man page doesn't say.

Bill Tangren

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