Red Hat Linux, inn 2.3.1, and expireover -a -s

Terry Letsche letsche at INAV.NET
Thu Aug 30 18:40:24 UTC 2001

I'm currently fixing/rebuilding the overview db, not sure if I need to
rebuild history or not. I'm using the command:

makehistory -b -O -x -F

and I'm seeing literally thousands of this error:
Aug 30 13:36:28 news makehistory[12298]: tradspool: can't determine class:
@050000003CD9000010AB0000000000000000@: Bad article handle
Aug 30 13:36:28 news makehistory[12298]: tradspool: can't determine class:
@050000003CD9000010AC0000000000000000@: Bad article handle

My storage.conf has this in it:
method tradspool {
        newsgroups: *
        class: 1

What is the recommended way to recover from a crash? I was hoping that
using a journaled filesystem would alleviate some of the pain, but after
news came back up I get:
Aug 30 07:01:01 news rnews: rejected connection 400 File exists writing
file -- throttling

Doing a ctlinnd renumber "" didn't help, so I resorted to this.

Any ideas?


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On Thu, 30 Aug 2001, Katsuhiro Kondou wrote:

> In article <Pine.LNX.4.30L2.0108281539160.23043-100000 at>,
> 	Terry Letsche <letsche at INAV.NET> wrote;
> } itself has almost the same number of entries in it). I assume that there
> } is a problem with this old version of findmissing? Is there a newer
> } version of this program?
> can be useful for traditional spool like
> inn1.* or inn2.[0-2](utilize tradspool).  2.3.* and later
> version of inn, recorded data written in history is
> different from older one.  So it's useless for newer
> version.
> } Also, in older versions of in one could run expireover with the -a and -s
> } parameters to make it add missing entries to the overview and to delete
> } overview entries that no longer had any corresponding spool file. Is this
> } capability now lost, or do we need a third-party tool of some kind to do
> } this kind of cleanup?
> Also older expireover assumes the style of storing articles.
> 2.3.* and later, there are some methods to store articles
> and overview data, and expireover now cannot recreate
> overview data.  Use makehistory instead.  See makehistory(8)
> for more.
> --
> Katsuhiro Kondou

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