enableoverview and useoverchan

souadh at libertysurf.fr souadh at libertysurf.fr
Tue Dec 4 19:39:35 UTC 2001

Can someone tell me if i would like to use overchan 
program what should I write in inn.conf 
I put useoverchan: true 
and enaleoverview true but I read in the Inn Archive
that : > tradindexed. (the server was set up pretty 
quickly after Clayton's code
> was merged.)  Here are some excerpts from inn.conf:
> hiscachesize:           0
> overcachesize:          256
> enableoverview:         true
> useoverchan:            true
> ovmethod:               tradindexed
> storeonxref:            true
> wireformat:             true

If memory serves me right...

If you are using overchan, enableoverview should be set 
to false. You don't
want inn and overchan both writing overview records!

is it correct ???
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