FAQ incorrect?

Matus "fantomas" Uhlar uhlar at fantomas.sk
Thu Dec 6 15:38:11 UTC 2001


I've read the statement 3.9 of inn's FAQ: 

Then try these commands (a variation on commands posted by Katsuhiro Kondou
to inn-workers) on the old server: 

cd pathdb
perl -ne '($a,$b,$_) = split " "; print if $_' history \
| tr . / > pathoutgoing/list
innxmit server list


Which 'old' server does that mean?

I'm afraid it works incorrect on 2.2.2 because of

1. history fields are separated by tab ("\t") not by space

2. it prints not just first field which can confuse innxmit
(innxmit expects lines to be 

<file> <Message-id> someching

I'd recommend trying this line:

perl -ne 'chomp; ($msgid,$time,$article,$_) = split "\t"; \
$article =~ tr"."/"; printf ( "%s %s\n", $article, $msgid ) if $article'

which prints message-id's and article paths in correct format.

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