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Katsuhiro Kondou <Katsuhiro_Kondou at> writes:

> Ah, I've also misguided you.  2.2's innxmit cannot understand the format
> like 3rd field in history.  You need to replace "." with "/" in the
> entry.  Then both 2.2 and 2.3 should work.

*nod*  The instructions in the FAQ should take care of this.

URL: <>

Subject: 3.9. Feeding all articles on a server to another server

To feed all articles on an existing server to another one, regardless of
how they're stored on the server, first tell the new server to accept
articles regardless of how old they are (otherwise, INN will reject
articles older than artcutoff in inn.conf):

    ctlinnd param c 0

You may also want to set xrefslave to true in inn.conf and then restart
INN on the new server if you want to keep the same article numbers as you
had on the old server.

Then try these commands (a variation on commands posted by Katsuhiro
Kondou to inn-workers) on the old server:

    cd pathdb
    perl -ne '($a,$b,$_) = split " "; print if $_' history \
        | tr . / > pathoutgoing/list
    innxmit server list

where pathdb is the path to the directory containing the history file
(usually ~news/db), pathoutgoing is the path to the outgoing spool
directory (usually ~news/spool/outgoing), and server is the name of the
new news server to which you're feeding the articles.

When done, set xrefslave to false in inn.conf again if you changed it and
then either restart INN on the new server (necessary if you changed
xrefslave) or use another ctlinnd param command to set the cutoff value
back to what's specified in inn.conf.

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