Non-overchan overview?

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Tue Dec 11 22:55:13 UTC 2001

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| } I tried building CURRENT from 12-01 and using built-in overview rather
| } than overchan, and got a bunch of "can't write file" errors. Rather than
| } fight with it I just used overchan, but is there a problem in that area?
| } Using tradindexed.
| Could you show the error log you got?

Unfortunately not any more. The logs have rolled, and it's now
production. The only thing I changed between working (now) and failing
(then) was to use overchan in inn.conf. And the error was as above with
a filename.

The system is off the net (in a box in an airplane) and will be uncrated
and cabled on the other side of the continent, where it is supposed to
be a drop-in install. If it isn't someone gets to fly to California and
explain why it isn't working tomorrow.

When I get it back I'll browse the source for the error message, I
needed it too quickly to do any playing at all. I expect to do another
one in the next month, so I can try again. The system was getting a
catch up feed, 80-90 MB/s ~450 art/s. Wish I had GB etherenet!

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