WAS Re: innfeed not propagating articles

Steven L. Sesar ssesar at mitre.org
Mon Dec 17 18:11:41 UTC 2001

> >
> > Ok -- that's a fair ratio of accepted articles.  Do you have reason to
> > believe it's inappropriately refusing some?
> No. Especially since the transit server we're talking is a recent migration. The
> newsfeed configs were copied over from the old server (a 2.2.x box, btw).

Well, maybe. When we performed the migration from the old server, rather than
rename the new box, we gave it a CNAME of the old box. Consider the following:

news at newstransit:~/log$ uname -a
SunOS newstransit 5.8 Generic_108528-12 sun4u sparc SUNW,Ultra-250
news at newstransit:~/log$

news at newstransit:~/log$ nslookup blanket
Server:  mbunix.mitre.org

Name:    newstransit.mitre.org
Aliases:  blanket.mitre.org

news at newstransit:~/log$

"Blanket" was the hostname of the old box. Could it be possible that our upstream
peers would be rejecting all of our posts based upon this?

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