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Tue Dec 18 12:59:29 UTC 2001

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Rabl Mario  <mario.rabl at> wrote:
>after giving up with the overview problem some days ago reported, I
>initialized all my storage and overview buffers, history, a.s.o.
>Now running on inn 2.3.2 (2.3.1 before) the point comes, where I start
>hating the server... = ; )
>Log says: SERVER throttled no matching entry in storage.conf storing article
>- throttling

That makes sense.

>Reading the thread about exact that problem in this Mailinglist, I also
>couldn't find out, what the solution may be.
>My storage.conf looks like this:
>method cnfs {
>	newsgroups: alt.binaries.*
>	class: 1
>	options: ALT-BINARIES
>method cnfs {
>	newsgroups: alt.*
>	class: 2
>	options: ALT-STERN
>with corresponding entries in cycbuff.conf.

Right. Now, if an article is posted in the groep "",
which method does it match? 1, 2 or .. none ?

So the server says:
no matching entry in storage.conf storing article - throttling

.. and it's quite right about that.

Deadlock, n.:
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