Problems with telneting localhost 119

Radek Wroclawski radek at
Wed Dec 19 10:23:14 UTC 2001


I have just installed Inn 2.3.2 from rpm (inn-2.3.2-5.i386.rpm) on Red Hat
Linux 7.2. Everything works fine but I can't telnet localhost 119:

[root at fkn root]# telnet localhost 119
telnet: connect to address Connection refused

There are no entries in the log file about this attempt of connection. When
I try to telnet using real host (IP or domain) address - it works fine.
Content of my /etc/news/readers.conf:

auth "localhost" {
    hosts: "*,, localhost, localhost.localdomain,, stdin"
    default: "<localhost>"
access "localhost" {
    users: "<localhost>"
    newsgroups: "*"

What am I doing wrong? Thanx in advance for help.

Pozdrawiam/Best wishes,

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