forwarding posts from a server that is not slave of the master

Lisa Ungar lungar at
Thu Dec 27 19:46:26 UTC 2001


There is a news server that is accepting a feed from us and keeping their
local groups.

The site can submit posts to their local groups and they are feeding posts
to our server for our news groups.

There is a time delay, since they are not using innfeed but nntpsend to
feed our news server.  The problem is that people might see articles inside
a newsgroup, change order, since there was an earlier append to an article
that didn't show up the first time they looked.

Is it possible for them to deny local posts for our newsgroups, which would
pass it to the outgoing file that they use to feed our site and so they get
the local posts from our site?

Do you recommend that the other site to use innfeed instead for our

Thanks for your help,


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