cnfsstat errors

Russ Allbery rra at
Sun Dec 30 22:25:17 UTC 2001

Albert E Whale <aewhale at> writes:

> That may be the case, as I migrated this from a TradSpool environment 
> which was plagues with SMStore issues ever since I upgraded to INN 2.3.2.

> I am running News Daily with the delayrm option.  I have the expire.ctl 
> set up to use days for the classes as follows:

> 1:10:30:45
> 2:10:30:90
> 3:10:21:60
> 4:10:21:21
> 5:0:0:0
> 6:5:5:30
> 7:0:0:0
> 8:10:30:90

> Is this a problem?

It's not a problem per se, but in general you don't want to use any
expiration rules when you're using CNFS.  All they can do is delete things
prematurely from CNFS buffers.  That doesn't hurt anything, and if you
really want some news to go away faster than it has to that's a good way
of doing it, but it can confuse cnfsstat -a.

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