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Alex Huth ahuth at
Fri Feb 2 09:19:28 UTC 2001

On Donnerstag,  1. Februar 2001 17:06, you wrote:
> Alex Huth <ahuth at> writes:
> > I have the problem that under knode (KDE2), i don´t see any
> > messages. Someone told me that i must sort the news by message-id.
> >
> > I´ve looked in nearly every doc, but i haven´t found it. Can someone
> > give me a short explanation for doing this?
> I have no idea what that statement might have meant; I've never heard of
> such a thing.
The point is that i can subscribe to groups and see them in KNode. I see also 
the number of messages, but no message. The guy who made knode said that is 
the prolem of the newsserver, how he show the articles to the client.
Are there different forms of sorting or indexing?

So long...

Alex Huth

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