buffindexed errors

Katsuhiro Kondou kondou at nec.co.jp
Fri Feb 2 11:24:36 UTC 2001

In article <72snm03tzn.fsf at nd1.eng.demon.net>,
	Alex Kiernan <alexk at demon.net> wrote;

} Anyone understand the cause of this:
} Jan 30 03:19:25 e4500-2.eng.demon.net expireover[12305]: [ID 368750 news.error] buffindexed: overview data must be under 8192

This means your server created overview data over 8KB.
You need to redefine OV_BLOCKSIZE(8KB) in buffindexed.c
and recreate all overview data, if you see this so often.

} Jan 30 03:19:25 e4500-2.eng.demon.net expireover[12305]: [ID 182006 news.error] buffindexed: could not add new overview for 'comp.os.linux.development.system'
} Jan 30 03:21:27 e4500-2.eng.demon.net expireover[12305]: [ID 188097 news.error] buffindexed: ovgroupmmap ovbuff is null(ovindex is 2494, ovblock is 892482610

You can ignore those, unless the next expireover claims
for the same group.
Katsuhiro Kondou

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