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Fabien Tassin fta at sofaraway.org
Wed Feb 7 23:19:27 UTC 2001

According to Russ Allbery:
> Fabien Tassin <fta at sofaraway.org> writes:
> > I've just tested inntd under Solaris 2.6 and except a few details, it is
> > working perfectly. Unfortunatly, these small details will need autoconf
> > to be handled automaticaly (-lxnet/-lsocket, no socklen_t, queue_t
> > reserved and a strange macro used for mutexes).
> I can help with that; I rather like autoconf.

I've already added autoconf but more than a half comes from what you've
already done for INN. Have no fear, I really need help on that project and
you will have your part :) I'm currently not able to spend time on it but
I hope I will have a good basis to work on in a week or two. I'll post
an overview here quite soon.

> > Oh, I forgot to mention that I want full IPv6 support but I will only
> > able to test it under Linux for a while. There's not a single API for
> > handling dual stacks sockets, anyone familiar with this subject ?
> Aren't there some RFCs that will help with this?  I got the impression
> that the API was pretty well-standardized at this point.

unfortunatly not for anything. I'm also interested to have IPv6 support
in CURRENT and why not in STABLE. There's already a quite improved patch
in all IPv6 distribs.

Fabien Tassin -+- fta at sofaraway.org

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