INN not keeping up with incoming news

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Mon Feb 12 16:01:52 UTC 2001

In article <20010202185655.A7590 at> fta at wrote:
| According to Alex Kiernan:

| > My suspicion is the history performance problem is platform dependent
| > - what platforms are people running on (we're using Solaris 2.6/8 and
| > seeing it)?
| I'm using Linux 2.4.1 and I'm seeing it.

  I've seen a bit of light on this, the systems I'm using have RAID
controllers with small stripe sizes. My Linux systems with software RAID
and 256k stripe work better. However, since I am forced to use only 2GB
cycbuffs until the issues of getting INN to compile again in a modern
Linux have been addressed, I changed to SEQUENTIAL for the metacycbuff.
Just took it down, changed and restarted. Played hell with the data org
no doubt, but after a few hours performance picked up, and has been
better for two days now.

  Interestingly, the hiswrite is large, but it went down more than the
artwrite. Don't understand that one. Still tuning, I want to make the
initial article buffer size larger, and see if that helps. My first try
broke something, so I have to look at the code a bit more carefully. I
have less than 200 streams, so a MB/stream is not an issue for memory,
as I usually have at least a GB free (4GB machine).

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