select() starvation?

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Mon Feb 12 17:04:58 UTC 2001

In article <ylofwkeguy.fsf at> Russ wrote:
| Jaye Mathisen <mrcpu at> writes:
| > So I'm wondering if when innd does the select() and gets the list of
| > fd's waiting to be read, does it just empty the first one, then go back
| > to select?  or does it process all the fd's that came back as ready, and
| > then go back into select.
| > Cause the first option kind of explains what I was seeing, the 2nd, I
| > shouldn't be seeing it.
| It goes through all of them, unless it has data on the control connection
| or on the local NNTP channel, in which case it only looks at the first
| three so as to prioritize those channels.
| There used to be a separate problem with innd (or at least I think it may
| be a problem) where it used the same sized buffer to read from connections
| when it was expecting commands from when it was expecting articles and did
| this because it was using the read size to prevent starvation by only
| processing X commands at a time from each channel.  I think this is really
| the wrong approach, and particularly when accepting binaries you want to
| suck down as much as you can at a time to save on system calls.  It's not
| really going to save anything to do it later rather than do it right away.

  I remember some code to check and read either a lot or 1k (or maybe
BUFSIZE) depending on if the article was started or if commands were
expected. Seems to me that in CURRENT 01-29 I'm testing on one machine,
that this is now done another way, or at least takethis results in a
single read for the whole article size.

| I haven't had a chance to digest Katsuhiro's recent changes yet, though,
| and I'm not sure if he changed this (I see that there were a bunch of
| modifications in that region of the code).
| You may want to try CURRENT if you're in a position to test and see if the
| new changes make this any better.

  I will cautiously say that they didn't produce a huge gain for me, but
I didn't test on a transit machine, just threw a big feed into a spare box.
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