control messages

Vinh NGUYEN vnguyen at
Wed Feb 14 15:58:16 UTC 2001


my servers(newreaders) run INN-2.2.2 .
since last week , each time i send a control message to try to cancel 
my test-articles , i always have the messages :

"number"  Article posted

the header for each control message i use is for example :

Path: cyberspam!cybercancel!not-for-mail
From: Vinh
Newsgroups: fr.test
Subject: cmsg cancel <8vb2me$k4t$1 at> ignore no reply
Control: cancel <8vb2me$k4t$1 at>
Message-ID: <cancel.8vb2me$k4t$1 at>

but i still can see my test-article in my newsserver after having posted
the control message , 
i already checked the logs but i still don't know where the problem
comes from , can anyone help me please ?


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