INN 2.3.x corrupting articles (CRLF bug)

Laurent Frigault lfrigault at
Fri Feb 16 15:42:56 UTC 2001


I have have found a serious bug in INN 2.3.X

When posting an article with a multiline header, INN 2.3.x corrupts the
end of all but the last line of this header by replacing the CRLF  at
the end with LF. As a result, some news server (mostly DNEWS) refuse
those articles and don't feed them.

I have reproduced the problem on 2 different servers:
INN 2.3.1 (20001227 prerelease) running under FreeBSD 4.2 with timecaf & CNFS
INN 2.3.2 (20010214 prerelease) running under FreeBSD 2.2.8 with timecaf

INN 2.2.1 running under FreeBSD 3.3 with tradspool does not have this
problem and corrects articles corrupted by INN 2.3.x .

To reproduce th problem, post an article with the following header
X-Test: AAA<CR><LF>

The article will be offered to the peers and available to the readers
X-Test: AAA<LF>

Most DNEWS servers will refuse it.

The problem is that many users use X-Face headers and many articles may
have this problem.

Is this a known bug ? What can I do to fix this ?


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