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Matthew C. Aycock matt at
Mon Feb 19 15:44:48 UTC 2001

Well, I went to a tagged-hash history file and all seems well. Can someone
who is more literate at these things than I am please tell me the difference
between tagged and non-tagged history and why we do not allow tagged-hash with
large files?


>In article <200102141505.KAA18833 at>,
>	"Matthew C. Aycock" <matt at> wrote;
>} What expire is doing is a ton of pread64 followed by an occasionaly pwrite64.
>} I killed the original expire and modified inn.conf to tell it not to mmap 
>} articles and it is still having the same problem. If I attach to expire with
>} dbx it seems to spend a lot of time in trying to find the artice in the
>} CNFS buffers. It appears that maybe I am seeing a ton of hash collisions?
>} Any further ideas would be of great help!
>Looks like your $pathdb is heavliy loaded or does not have
>good performance.  As to cnfs, cnfs just checks the header
>which include block bitmap, and never read article itself.
>Katsuhiro Kondou

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