Newgroup hashtable (NGH)

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Thu Feb 22 12:40:31 UTC 2001

In article <20010221084127.A500 at> you write:
| Hey All,
| I ran into a problem yesterday, that flabbergasted me completely. The
| expireover cored, and innd just stopped. There where no error messages
| anywhere, innd just stopped, and would not start again. With the help of a
| programmer we where able to debug the core file, and found that the problem
| was with our active file. We have been using this file for about 4 years
| now, so it's big. It is so big that the Newgrouphashtable (NGH) which has a
| default value of 2048, was unable to contain it. We increased the size to
| 4096, and recompiled inn, and the problem was solved. 
| Has anyone else had this problem? And is there a way to prevent it from
| happening again?

Frans - what version are you running? And how big is your active?

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