Authentication blues

Russ Allbery rra at
Sat Feb 24 22:48:36 UTC 2001

Zenon Panoussis <oracle at> writes:

> With the following configuration, clients from <localnet> can connect,
> see all newsgroups and read, while clients from anywhere else are asked
> to authenticate themselves. The authentication procedure works fine, but
> then the server replies "no newsgroups".

That's because there's no matching access group for the ckpasswd entry.

> auth "cleared" {
>      hosts:    "*"
>      auth:     "ckpasswd -f /usr/local/news/etc/passwords"
> }

Okay, so the user is going to get set to whatever user the user
authenticates as.

> access "cleared" {
>      users:      "<cleared>"
>      read:       "*"
> }

This matches a user "<cleared>".  So unless someone actually logs on as
the literal user "<cleared>", nothing is going to match this access group.

There are two ways to do this; probably the easiest given your
configuration is to replace both of your access groups with just:

access "okay" {
    users: *
    read: *

since if the connection gets a user string, you want to let them read
everything.  Then you can leave your existing auth groups alone.  (There
are several other ways to solve this same problem.)

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