inn2.3.1 expireover: could not expire

Erik Mouritzen unilerik at
Tue Jan 2 13:37:34 UTC 2001

On Tue, 2 Jan 2001, Erik Mouritzen wrote:

> Yesterday I did "makehistory -Ox".
> But there's still "could not expire" when running news.daily (expireover).

Some of the "could not expire" groups has size=0 for the overview data.
One example:
    0 Jan 01 01:35 /news_overview/v/t/vmsnet.tpu.IDX
    0 Jan 01 01:35 /news_overview/v/t/vmsnet.tpu.DAT

And here's the entry from 'active' file:
vmsnet.tpu 0000012122 0000012122 y

If overview files for a group has size=0 and active entry is as shown above 
how can expireover still print "could not expire" ?

What else can be corrupted ?
There's about 24000 newsgroups in my active file and under 1 % (184 newsgroups)
has this "could not expire" problem.

Should I shutdown INN, remove all overview data and then "makehistory -Ox" ?
Or just "makehistory -O" ?

Do you think it will help ?


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