tradindexed - Interrupted system call

Russ Allbery rra at
Tue Jan 2 19:50:15 UTC 2001

Mirek Luc <mirecki at> writes:

> On 30 Dec 2000, Bettina Fink wrote:

>> anyone seen something like this?
>> Dec 30 21:24:47 test-reader innd: [ID 448324 news.error] tradindexed:
>> could not open
>> /news/overview/a/b/n/c/f/alt.binaries.nude.celebrities.female.IDX:
>> Interrupted system call

> System function (open() in your case) was interrupted by caught signal.
> If system function returns error and errno==EINTR, application (such as
> innd) _should_ call it again. But how many times...? Who will patch
> storage/ov3/ov3.c?:) If it's necessary of course.
> What signal innd received (truss -t\!all -p <pid>)? SIGCLD?

Probably SIGCLD.  What I don't understand though was why the system call
wasn't restarted.  Most modern operating systems will automatically
restart "short" system calls interrupted by signals, which includes open.

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