inn2.3.1 expireover: could not expire

Erik Mouritzen unilerik at
Wed Jan 3 09:07:05 UTC 2001

On 2 Jan 2001, Bettina Fink wrote:

> Erik Mouritzen <unilerik at> wrote:
> > Yesterday I did "makehistory -Ox".
> > But there's still "could not expire" when running news.daily (expireover).

> I've had that, too. I've shut down the news system, removed all
> overview data and did a "makehistory -e -F -O -x -l 10000". It
> took some hours to rebuild the overviews (tradindexed on a big
> CNFS spool), but the error messages are gone now. *knockonwood*


I tried a short cut this morning..... 
  by doing "ctlinnd rmgroup" to the 184 newsgroups ("could not expire")
  -then "ctlinnd newgroup" and "expireover".

And now there's no "could not expire" messages.
I hope my problem is fixed now!


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