inn2.3.1 expireover: could not expire

Erik Mouritzen unilerik at
Wed Jan 3 15:39:38 UTC 2001

On Wed, 3 Jan 2001, Katsuhiro Kondou wrote:
> In article <200101030907.KAA05417 at>,
>       Erik Mouritzen <unilerik at> wrote;
> } I tried a short cut this morning.....
> }   by doing "ctlinnd rmgroup" to the 184 newsgroups ("could not expire")
> }   -then "ctlinnd newgroup" and "expireover".
> }
> } And now there's no "could not expire" messages.
> } I hope my problem is fixed now!
> That sounds like $pathoverview/group.index which includes
> overview info like hi/lo mark, # of overview data and so
> on was corrupted.  Did you also delete that file when you
> recreate overview data?  Your problem may not be solved,
> if not.

No, I didn't delete $pathoverview/group.index before "makehistory -Ox".
I had online readers while doing makehistory, I just throttled the server.
Of course I think you are right about corruption of group.index.
Maybe rmgroup/newgroup has cleared out things for me?
Running "expireover" now doesn't report any errors.

But do you think I should shutdown INN, completely remove all overview-stuff
including "group.index" and do "makehistory -Ox" ? (takes about 10 hours)
-or should I just go ahead hoping problems are gone for now?

What would you recommend?


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