Externalizing INN authorization

Steve Prior sprior at geekster.com
Wed Jan 3 16:46:20 UTC 2001

I'm investigating creating a custom system which uses INN
where authentication as well as authorization needs to be
coordinated via an external program.  I've noticed that it
is easy to use another program to do INN authentication
(who the user is), but so far it doesn't look like
externalizing authorization (which groups that user is
allowed to see) is going to be nearly as easy.  I don't
want to go the route of having a seperate program update
readers.conf, I need an external program consulted when
innrpd needs to know what the user can see.

Has any work been done in this area?  It doesn't look in the
code like it has, but I'm hoping that I'm missing something.

Thanks in advance
Steve Prior

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