freenix stats with inn-cvs ... ?

Rich Skrenta skrenta at
Fri Jan 5 19:05:43 UTC 2001

> can someone send me some instructions on how they have it setup?

Here is what I did.  If someone has better info, please let me know too.

1.  Grab ninpaths from
    It's a shar file (do they still make those?)

2.  Add top1000 at to the MAILCMD line to submit stats
    in sendinpaths.  This sends it to the
    which appears to be the new maintainer of top1000 stats.

3.  After compiling ninpaths, install ninpaths and sendinpaths in ~news/bin.

4.  Pick a place for your stats to live.  I chose ~news/log/path.
    Add a line to newsfeeds to invoke ninpaths:

	inpaths::Tc,WP:/usr/local/news/bin/ninpaths -p -d \

5.  Add a line to cron to submit the stats.  I'm not sure what the
    best day is -- probably the 1st of the month and not the 28th
    like I have here.

	0 7 28 * *              /usr/local/news/bin/sendinpaths

You can run sendinpaths -n to see it print some stats it has collected
without actually submitting them.  I also added the local user news
to the MAILCMD line in sendinpaths so I get a copy as well just to make
sure it went out.

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