expire.ctl question with CNFS

Rich Skrenta skrenta at textport.net
Mon Jan 8 18:25:29 UTC 2001

My expire is now taking 6 hours a night...

	expire begin Mon Jan  8 03:02:37 PST 2001:
	    Article lines processed 11379875
	    Articles retained       11365881
	    Entries expired            13994
	    Articles dropped               0
	    Old entries dropped            1
	    Old entries retained     2230950
	expire end Mon Jan  8 03:07:35 PST 2001
		all done Mon Jan  8 03:07:35 PST 2001
		expireover start Mon Jan  8 03:07:39 PST 2001
		expireover end Mon Jan  8 08:59:33 PST 2001
	lowmarkrenumber begin Mon Jan  8 08:59:33 PST 2001:
	lowmarkrenumber end Mon Jan  8 08:59:33 PST 2001

I'm using CNFS and my expire.ctl looks like this:


I was under the impression that CNFS lightened the load on expire
since the store was self-expiring.  Should I remove the 1:60:60:60
line, or change it to 1:never:never:never, and would that make my
nightly expire run go faster?

I've using ovdb, will expireover continue to function okay if I
change this?


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