Header only feeds

Joakim Crafack Joakim.Crafack at int.tele.dk
Wed Jan 10 15:01:18 UTC 2001

"Kiernan, Alex" wrote:
> As part of a long term project to implement a distributed news farm we're
> proposing to implement header only feed support in INN.
> First question I guess, is anyone else doing this? If not I'll write up the
> design documents we have & post them for comment (right now there's only
> innfeed we're looking at).


We've been speculating about doing this too, for use with dreaderd
(Diablo) reader clients.

Roughly, here's what i found out:

 * Session MUST be started by sending "mode headfeed<CR><LF>"
 * Header MUST contain bytecount of article (Bytes: n)
 * Header is terminated by one blank line (<CR><LF><CR><LF>)
 * Control messages are transferred WITH their body.

I haven't gotten round to implementing thew thing yet...

Joakim Crafack

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