logging of news access

TEY Chee Meng cmtey at smu.edu.sg
Thu Jan 11 03:35:45 UTC 2001


	Wonder if anyone could help with this.

	We have a small setup with around 500 users. The news reading load
is not very heavy. One option we have is to setup our own news server and
receive the news feed from our ISP. However, given our load, that is quite
an overkill.

	The other option we have is to allow our users to connect directly
to the ISP's NNTP server. However, their policy requires us to track news
posting in case of abuse. We cannot meet that requirement if our users
connect directly.

	Is there anyway we can setup some form of news proxying so that we
do not need to maintain our own news spool while at the same track user
postings ?

	Thanks for the help.

Tey Chee Meng
Network Engineer

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