Can't feed articles from others

Katsuhiro Kondou kondou at
Thu Jan 11 09:33:03 UTC 2001

In article <005201c07bb0$3d7963c0$061fa8c0 at 5SZ411X>,
	"Mike Li" <mikeli at> wrote;

} After I check, the content of "news.notice" is empty. But the file "news" in

Have you set up syslog.conf and sent HUP to syslogd?

} (my old news server) shows the below error.

No, it's not errors, and the format of the log is explained
in innd(8).

} Jan 11 17:16:26.345 +
} <979204656.21790.0.nnrp-04.c3adc093 at> 1772 overview!

This shows <979204656.21790.0.nnrp-04.c3adc093 at>
was accepted from at Jan 11 17:16:26.345, the
size is 1772 bytes, and sent to overview!,
Katsuhiro Kondou

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