ninpaths updated

Olaf Titz olaf at
Fri Jan 12 12:04:28 UTC 2001

> What do you think of
> It's just about the same story though: needs some work, mostly
> documentation.

This looks like it's in much better shape than c-nocem. It just needs
an addition to use a MODE CANCEL channel. This would be rather
trivial: at startup, connect to the feed socket and send MODE CANCEL,
on error disconnect and do nothing (remaining compatible with older
INN versions), on success set a flag. In sub cancel, when this flag is
set, just send the Message-ID over to the cancel channel instead of
invoking ctlinnd.

(Theoretically this scheme is not deadlock proof, as innd pipes to
perl-nocem and perl-nocem pipes to innd, but innd will switch over to
a spool file when the pipe fills, so this should be safe.)


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