Cancels and NoCems (was: Re: ninpaths updated)

Richard Todd rmtodd at
Fri Jan 12 19:58:33 UTC 2001

In servalan.mailinglist.inn-workers Rick Skrenta writes:

>Question #1:  Is this what all of you do, or is there another solution?
>I notice that Newsguy's groups look reasonable, and even still
>has its news.announce.newgroups messages, and most of
>Is it standard practice now to turn off regular cancels and install
>some form of nocem-on-spool?

I think it's pretty standard practice to turn off cancels and use some
sort of spamfilter (e.g. CleanFeed).  I don't think NoCeM on spool is as 
widely used, but there are people using it.

>Question #2:  I turned off honoring of cancels by setting verifycancels
>to true in inn.conf and changing ARTcancelverify() to always return NULL.
>Is there some way to do this through configuration files rather than
>hacking the source?

Starting innd with the -C flag will make it not honor any cancels.  I don't
recall if there is an inn.conf option that does the same thing.

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