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Katsuhiro Kondou kondou at
Sun Jan 14 03:42:13 UTC 2001

In article <20010113211841.A3437 at>,
	"Marco d'Itri" <md at Linux.IT> wrote;

} -rw-rw----    1 news     news       182512 Jan 13 20:56 control.cancel.DAT
} -rw-rw----    1 news     news     1909473192 Jan 13 20:56 control.cancel.IDX
} I don't have system limits on INN (this is a linux system), but I don't
} have two GB of VM either... :-)
} I currently have 36 articles in control.cancel.

I suspect there is huge gap among those article number.
If so, this happens, since tradindexed reserves all
indices between hi and lo articles whether all exist
or not.  Work around for fixing this is;

1. pause innd
2. remember hi mark for control.cancel
3. rmgroup control.cancel by ctlinnd
4. delete(cancel) too old messages
5. delete control.cancel.{DAT|IDX}
6. newgroup control.cancel by ctlinnd
7. edit active to modify hi mark (use number at #2)
8. reload active
8. go innd

Katsuhiro Kondou

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