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Mon Jan 15 22:00:38 UTC 2001

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Olaf Titz  <olaf at> wrote:
>This looks like it's in much better shape than c-nocem. It just needs
>an addition to use a MODE CANCEL channel. This would be rather
>trivial: at startup, connect to the feed socket and send MODE CANCEL,
>on error disconnect and do nothing (remaining compatible with older
>INN versions), on success set a flag. In sub cancel, when this flag is
>set, just send the Message-ID over to the cancel channel instead of
>invoking ctlinnd.

Is there a description of the MODE CANCEL stuff somewhere?

>(Theoretically this scheme is not deadlock proof, as innd pipes to
>perl-nocem and perl-nocem pipes to innd, but innd will switch over to
>a spool file when the pipe fills, so this should be safe.)

Sure. Other things to be considered are

- what if perl-nocem backlogs a bit (the socketpair() between
  innd and perl-nocem can buffer up to 32k), and innd gets
  paused or throttled
- nothing in perl-nocem processes the spool files ever.

In both cases you will lose some cancels. But I don't think that
is a real problem, at least I'm not going to lose any sleep over it.


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